Ongoing, accurate, and enterprise-wide feedback is critical for understanding how to succeed in your professional environment. You depend on your relationships with customers, prospects, partners, employees, investors and others. Let Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. gather the strategic information necessary to make better decisions--quickly, easily, and more cost-effectively.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Community Audits
Needs Assessment
Community Assets Mapping
Consumer Satisfaction Surveys
Employee/Employer Opinion Surveys
House-Hold Demographic Surveys
Custom-Designed Surveys
Market Analysis
Economic Analysis
Workforce Analysis

Methodologies offered include:

The Virginia driver improvement course was designed with you in mind, so you don’t have to spend your free time sitting in classrooms and reading textbooks. Everything for this driver education course is web-based, so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. This allows you the freedoms you need to work the driver improvement clinic when it’s convenient for you, so you never have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate it. Even more, you can work from the comfort of your bedroom at home or even your favorite coffee café with a laptop.

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Whether you need a little advice or would like help designing and executing your entire research project, Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. helps you meet your objectives. VEB, Inc. rigorously tests all aspects of the research--from the development of the market forecasts to the accuracy of the sampling methods. Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. distinguishes itself through the integrity, reliability and daily study of trends to provide research that satisfies your demand for accurate and reliable data.