Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. can work with you to create great-looking surveys in minutes--right from the VEB desktop. Unlike traditional paper surveys, VEB administers your survey via the Internet, intranet, email or scannable paper forms. Easier to complete than paper surveys and less intrusive than telephone polls, VEB allows you to create high-end surveys without high-end costs.

Research Project Planning

The Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. staff begins each project by working with you to define the elements critical to your program's success: specific objectives, primary response audience(s), respondent qualifications, and preferred means to reach your audience. Before contacting the first respondent, VEB ensures that your program has been clearly defined and designed to deliver the information you need.

Survey Design & Hosting

Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. consultants are experts in designing effective surveys- both on and offline. VEB can work with you to adapt your current survey to the special requirements of the Web or create an entirely new survey for you.

Corporate Branding

Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. can create surveys to match your corporate identity, collateral or web site by adding logos, backgrounds, images or HTML templates.

Multi-Language Development

Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. administer surveys in many languages including Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Online Survey Administration

Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. can activate/deactivate surveys, set response limits and cut-off dates, purge surveys, view reports, and publish results to the web.


Whether you are surveying 20 people or 200,000, the VEB servers can accommodate your needs.

Survey Participation

Respondents are invited to complete the survey through an e-mailed "Response Invitation". This process increases response rates by allowing respondents to control the timing and pace of their participation.

Results Collection

With web surveys, response collection is automatic and transparent. Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. validates responses for mandatory information, eliminates duplicate responses and creates custom-results databases in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, both of which are exportable to SPSS and SAS.

Analysis & Reporting

Virginia Economic Bridge, Inc. turns raw data into valuable information to help you make informed decisions. Results are delivered in an easy-to-understand presentational format that effectively conveys the research findings.


The respondent authentication feature allows only designated respondents to take your survey and precludes their responses from being collected more than once--all without identifying questions.